E-PASS Product Detail



Free Toll Sticker Benefits

  • Exclusive customer discounts
  • Works on toll roads throughout FL, GA, and NC
  • Use it to pay parking at Orlando International Airport
  • Track toll usage and your discounts online
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Only $10 to activate your prepaid toll account

Price:   FREE

NOTE: Does NOT work on motorcycles. Central Florida Expressway Authority will not be held liable for any damages associated with an installation on a motorcycle. A sticker tag is required to be affixed to a glass windshield which acts as an RF antenna.The adhesive on the sticker tag may cause damage to motorcycle windscreens.

Any questions, please contact the E‑PASS® Service Center at 1‑800‑35-EPASS (1‑800‑353‑7277), Monday‑Friday, 8am‑6pm.